Receipt Process

Time to completion

Maximum 7 days from submission.


Managing editor

Action required

Email to author (cc’d to editor in chief)

  • Thanking author for submission
  • Introducing yourself as the journal’s managing editor (and your term of office)
  • Outlining the review process and broad timelines

{{Link to sample email}}

Background and further details

Each Journal in the incubator has a different submission procedure. Typical procedures include

  • Authors must submit via an on-line form (e.g. in OJS run journals)
  • Authors submit by emailing a member of the editorial team directly
  • Authors submit by emailing a catchall address for the journal (e.g. or

Acknowledging receipt in a timely manner and introducing yourself is very important in establishing your (and the journal’s) professionalism. Editorial processes can be very opaque to outsiders, and anything that can reduce this makes subsequent steps easier.

If you are upfront with people about processes and deadlines (and stick to them), you’ll find that things go much easier later in the process.