The Lethbridge Journal Incubator is a new initiative of the University of Lethbridge Library and the University of Lethbridge School of Graduate Studies.

The goal of this incubator is to address the issue of the sustainability of scholarly communication in an open access, digital age by aligning it with the educational and research missions of the University. In this way, the production of scholarly communication, which is often understood as a cost centre that draws resources away from a host university’s core missions, is transformed into a sustainable, high-impact resource.

You can read more about the Incubator’s conceptual background and developments plans here. The Incubator is in the process of developing partnerships with other public and private publishing concerns and organisations: these partnerships will involve exchange of best practice, cooperative development, advice and support, and, potentially, opportunities for commercial internships for students in the programme. A partial list of organisations currently discussing partnerships with the Incubator can be found here.

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